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Tunes For Your Site!

HI! Everyone, Its Justy again, I’m back with something fun to add to your website. !!MUSIC!! Yes! Music you can very simply add to your site. First things first, you need music on your computer. Once you have music you can get started.                                    … Read more →

Select A Theme

Justy here with a part 2 to the installing themes. This is found and utilized inside the wordpress site you are working with rather than wordpress.org.   You login to your site, select your site name, choose Themes in the drop down menu.       You click customize and go through the theme making it yours. Any questions please… Read more →

Add a New Theme

Justy here with another day of step by step Word Press help. Today we are focusing on themes. Finding the one you want, downloading it, uploading it and lastly installing it. It’s a lot easier then it sounds. Lets get started… ok open a browser. Go to http://www.wordpress.org This first pic is to make sure you get to the right… Read more →

What’s a Widget

Justy here for another step by step help page to help with your WordPress Site. So today I’m going to go over how to add a widget to your WordPress site. What’s a widget anyway?? It is Mainly a program that pulls content from throughout the website to post it in clickable icons on the face of the website. Widgets… Read more →