Stancewars Website and E-Store

Our friends at Stancewars came to us with the need for a fully functional blog style website that allows them to interact with their audience through posts and comments. They also needed links to integrate their social media and wanted their store to draw more traffic.

Until we took on the project, Stancewars was running a separate Big Cartel Store and there were no links between the store and his home page. The problem with that is no matter where your traffic comes from whether it be social media or your website, they should always have the option to go back once they are done shopping!

What we did was setup the WordPress site which included a custom header that allows them to alternate photos for promotional use. Then we stylized the Big Cartel store to match the main website. Once we made both sites match designs, we created a sub domain for the Big Cartel store and linked the two sites together. Then we added social media icons to both. Once we were done there, we built a custom form that allowed their visitors to submit pictures securely for promoting on Instagram.

Now when you visit their sites, you can seamlessly go between the website and store without issue. To the naked eye, it doesn’t even look like two different servers hosting it all.

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WordPress site with custom header and digital magazine layout.
Example of posts loading from front page for audience.
Custom form for end users to submit pictures securely to their Instagram account.
Landing page for their Big Cartel store, stylized to match the WordPress site.
Example of custom links and product layout on their Big Cartel store.
Example of product layout on Big Cartel store.

View their full website by clicking here!