Fuck, it’s already been over a year?!

When I first started Coffin Studios, it was a partnership with my brother and I. It has now expanded to a small group of us with different skill sets to offer a specific range of products for our customers.

We specialize in building new businesses from the ground up and scaling small businesses that are ready to grow.

The services we offer are the following;

  • Complete custom website using WordPress as the back end.
  • Integrate Big Cartel, Squarespace, PayPal, or Shopify into your WordPress site.
  • Build digital marketing packages for your business using Facebook ads and email marketing.

Using targeting and focusing on just these skill sets, we can offer you these premium services at a great price. We understand that we aren’t for everyone, just like everyone isn’t for us.

Are you a small business owner or do you have a great business idea or product but maybe you are stuck in the sea of new technology that’s available? That’s where we come in! No matter your level of expertise, you can manage your own website, just let us show you how.

Maybe you don’t want to learn but you would rather have our group of gurus take care of everything for you? We can do that too! Use our contact page and get in touch to see what we can do for you and your business!