Need a Vacation?

So ever have a time when you know you wont be able to get on the computer to post your daily articles but that’s why they call them daily, not daily accept for vacation or sick time. Well I have a solution for those times when you have no choice life happened and no way are you going to make… Read more →

Tunes For Your Site!

HI! Everyone, Its Justy again, I’m back with something fun to add to your website. !!MUSIC!! Yes!┬áMusic you can very simply add to your site. First things first, you need music on your computer. Once you have music you can get started.                                    … Read more →

Entry Popup!

Hi! Justy here with another WordPress step by step. This Article is on a plugin for a popup – for example the 18+ adult site where you want to warn your audience it is adult content. First things first. Find the picture you want for the desired popup. When you’re done return here and follow the steps needed to create… Read more →

Meta Tags – They got to go!

HI Justy Here! That’s right I found something else to help with. So who has META tags on their page and want it removed? Well you’re in luck because that is exactly what I’m helping with today. Let’s go! It’s gone RIGHT??? Wasn’t that easy? If you have any questions please email me. Justy Read more →

Select A Theme

Justy here with a part 2 to the installing themes. This is found and utilized inside the wordpress site you are working with rather than   You login to your site, select your site name, choose Themes in the drop down menu.       You click customize and go through the theme making it yours. Any questions please… Read more →